How Do I Get Rid of Bad Breath?

Posted by DR. MITBAVKAR on Jun 8 2021, 10:35 AM

Having a bad breath or halitosis, a severe bad breath, affects about 25% of the global population. But many of us wake up in the morning with this problem. Is there a remedy for this embarrassing condition? 

There is no absolute cure as there are many causes of bad breath. But if you know what is causing your bad breath, you can fix it. Fortunately, there are ways to get rid of bad breath. 

  • Drink Water as Often as You Can

Your mouth normally has a lot of bacteria which protects the teeth from erosion. It also has numerous harmful bacteria causing smelly plaque and tartar formation. Drinking plenty of water is the easiest way to flush out these foul-smelling bacteria.

  • Use a Tongue Scraper or Cleaner

Usually, brushing your teeth doesn’t remove all food particles from your mouth. Remnants of food, bacteria, and dead cells build up on the tongue which gives the tongue a white appearance. It also gives bad breath. Use a tongue cleaner to quickly and easily remove tongue debris. Practice it as an oral hygiene routine for lasting results.

  • Consume More Probiotics 

In a few cases, the reason for bad breath is unbalanced intestinal flora. Rebalance your intake of flora by eating foods high in probiotics. Include yogurt, sauerkraut, kimchi, miso, and pickles in your diet. If you don’t have sufficient digestive enzymes, the food you eat doesn’t get broken down well. Instead, it produces a foul odor that travels to your mouth.

  • Rinse Your Mouth Well

At times food gets stuck between your teeth and your gum lines. If you wait for bedtime to brush, it stays in your mouth for hours. Depending on what you eat, it could cause serious bad breath. If you don’t brush after eating, practice rinsing your mouth after each time you eat. Another reason for bad breath is if your mouth feels dry. Rinsing with plenty of water can trigger saliva production to fight bacteria.

  • Care for Your Gums

Gums are delicate and can get infected. Food gets stuck under the gumline and forgotten while brushing. Ensure to care for your gums the way you care for your teeth. Brush gently in small circles. Flossing is another great way to clean your teeth. Do it before bedtime every day.

  • Enjoy Eating Apples

Munching on the natural fibrous texture of apples can stimulate the gums. They remove plaque caught between the teeth too. Apples stimulate saliva production which washes away bacteria.

  • Quit Smoking

Smoking is notoriously one of the most common causes of bad breath. Also, it can lead to oral cancer. So, it is best advised to quit the smoking habit for your dental health.

Maintain dental hygiene and consult your dentist regularly for a routine checkup. UniSmile Dental offers effective treatments for bad breath in San Jose, CA. For more information and appointments, call us at (408) 226-1600, book online, or visit us at 6134 Camino Verde Drive, Suite G, San Jose, CA 95119.

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