Why should you choose Invisalign?

Posted by DR. MITBAVKAR on Feb 24 2020, 07:57 AM

Invisalign is a clear dental aligner that helps to treat various types of malocclusion. Its near-invisible appearance makes it one of the most sought-after orthodontic aligners. Lately, it is being considered over traditional metal braces owing to some of the amazing benefits that it offers. As a user, you could have a few concerns about how effective, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing the Invisalign aligner is going to be. Let's look into the various advantages that it offers:

Comfort: Invisalign is custom-fabricated using clear, dental-grade plastic. They are made to fit perfectly on the teeth, and the patient would feel minimal discomfort, which would wear down with regular usage. In comparison to braces, you would feel very less soreness, discomfort, and pain.

Eating habits: While wearing Invisalign, you will have the liberty to eat any type of food you want. However, if you have got braces on, this would be an issue as the food particles may get stuck between the braces. However, patients must make sure that they rinse and gargle their mouth thoroughly to remove the food debris before putting the aligners back on.

Removable:Invisalign is a removable aligner. Whenever you feel the need to remove them, especially while brushing, eating, etc., you can easily do so. Before wearing them again, you just have to make sure your teeth are thoroughly cleaned as any food particles stuck between the teeth could lead to discomfort or cavities. Most often, people who pose for a lot of photos wouldn't like their dental appliances to appear in their pictures. Also, athletes wouldn't want to play with their dental appliances on, as it could be unsafe. In such cases, Invisalign can easily be removed.

Appearance:Invisalign is made from clear plastic. It does a great job of concealing itself, and it is also hard for anyone to notice it. So, you can have a confident smile without having to worry about your aligner being spotted.

Cost-effective:Invisalign might seem to be expensive. But, in reality, it is just as expensive as dental braces.

No surgery required: If you go for braces, it is almost sure that one or more teeth will be removed to make space for the movement of the remaining teeth. This would require the administration of anesthesia, followed by surgery. But, in the case of Invisalign, surgery wouldn't be necessary. The treatment process is minimally painful.

Safe:The risk of getting injured while wearing Invisalign is very less. It doesn't have any sharp edges or corners which could harm the gums or the tongue. Most importantly, it is entirely metal-free.

Effective: Invisalign has been proven to correct various dental alignment issues such as open bite, closed bite, overbite, crossbite, spacing, crowding, etc. The technology backing Invisalign is highly-advanced. It allows dentists to track the movement of the teeth accurately during the treatment period.


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