Anchored Dentures

Anchored Dentures

One of the major drawbacks of full or partial conventional dentures is the movement that often occurs above the gums. This causes irritation of the gums which can lead to damage to the underlying bone. Anchored dentures are fixed to the gums by implants. This removes the need to use traditional adhesives and pastes to hold the dentures in place and allows for a far more normal experience where the denture function very much like natural teeth.

Among the many benefits of anchored dentures are:

  • The slippage of the dentures along the gum line is eliminated
  • The need to use pastes and adhesives to hold the dentures in place is removed
  • Foods that could not be eaten with conventional dentures can now be consumed
  • The chewing movement of the jaw is more natural
  • The appearance and aesthetic appeal of anchored dentures is better than that of conventional ones
  • The appearance of the smile is more natural
  • Maintenance is reduced
  • The support from the anchoring reduces stress and wear on the gums and also reduces bone loss

When a patient comes to Unismile Dental a detailed investigation of his or her dental condition is done and the results and possible courses of action discussed with the patient. All the patient’s queries are answered and a decision is taken on the course of action to be followed. If the case requires the use of anchored dentures and the patient is a suitable candidate a high tech map of the mouth is created so that the location of the titanium implants can be determined. After the implants are inserted the process of fusing to the bone begins and after a few months when the fusing is complete, the dentures are permanently anchored to them.

The patient can then enjoy the comforts and benefits of the new anchored dentures.

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