The desire for shiny white teeth is not something new. There is evidence to prove that the ancient Romans practiced various methods to keep their teeth white. Over the centuries things have not changed much – bright white teeth and a great smile are still among the most sought after physical attributes.

The trouble is that even with the greatest of care, teeth become dull and discolored with the passage of time. Modern dental technology now offers a range of ways to make teeth shiny and white again. Unismile Dental is proud to offer the latest advances in teeth whitening along with tried and tested methods like bleaching. We will do a detailed examination of a patient’s teeth to decide on which is the right whitening option and after discussing the matter with the patient and answering any questions that patients may have, work out a specific treatment plan.

How Bleaching Is Done

There are 2 distinct methods of bleaching teeth. The most common is known as “vital whitening.” The procedure begins with the gum being coated with a protective substance so the bleach will not hurt the soft tissue. A bleaching gel is applied directly on to the surface of the teeth and the hydrogen peroxide that forms part of the compound acts to remove stains and whiten the teeth. The treatment usually lasts for between 30 to 90 minutes and depending on the amount of bleaching to be done, up to 3 sitting may be required. The amount of whiteness that a patient wants and the type of staining present both affect the time required to complete the bleaching process. In some cases, a laser light is used to activate the bleaching agents in the gel.

Vital whitening may not whiten teeth that have had root canal treatment done on them as the stain may be coming from the cavity inside the tooth. In such cases ‘non-vital whitening’ is used. In this case, a whitening agent is placed inside the tooth and covered by a temporary filling. The whitening agent is left in place for several days to allow it to begin the whitening process from the inside out. Here to, depending on the amount of whitening to be done, the process may need to be repeated a few times.

Alternative Methods Of Bleaching

There are various over the counter and homemade bleaching products available. Non-dental options like the whitening services offered at spas, salons, etc. are also available. According to the American Dental Association (ADA), it is advisable to have the teeth checked by a dentist before undergoing any bleaching or other whitening treatment. The dentist will do a thorough examination, note and possible problems that could arise during the bleaching process and advise the patient on the most suitable options.

At Unismile Dental we know that a patient’s smile is a very important part of his or her life and when bleaching is required, we ensure that the patient is fully aware of the procedure, answer all questions that may arise and only then begin the whitening process. Our objective is to make the bleaching process as comfortable and convenient as possible without compromising on the quality of the results that the patient experiences.

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