Intraoral Cameras

Intraoral Cameras

The intraoral camera is used to take video and still images of the interior of the mouth. These images and videos are recorded in high definition and used to examine dental conditions at leisure so that the dentist has the time to evaluate the nature of the condition in detail and decide on the best course of treatment. This offers a huge advance on the old mirror system which forced the doctor to look at a problem and make decisions on the spot while the image was in front of him.

In addition to this, the captured images and videos can be shown to the patient to help to better explain the nature of the condition and the proposed course of action. Being able to see the condition for him or herself enables the patient to have a better and more detailed appreciation of the condition he or she is suffering from and discuss the treatment options with the dentist.

The images taken with an intraoral camera can be used for treatment follow up – a comparison of pre-treatment images with those taken at different stages of the recovery will allow the dentist to monitor the patient’s progress more effectively and make any modifications that may be called for.

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