Dental Bridges and Crowns

Dental Bridges and Crowns

Dental Bridges and Dental Crowns Doctor in San Jose and Sunnyvale

Bridges and crowns are dental devices that are cemented onto your teeth or existing implants and can only be removed by a dentist. For this reason, they are also known as fixed prosthetic devices. As they are cemented onto your teeth, they can also not be removed and cleaned daily like dentures and other removable devices.

Who needs a dental crown?

This is basically a synthetic top cap or cover of a damaged tooth. It not only straightens the damaged tooth, but it also improves its shape, alignment, and appearance. This can be done to replace a large filling, protect a weak tooth from breaking, attaching a bridge and a variety of other reasons.

What type of materials can crowns be made of?

Dental crowns can be made from many different materials depending on the problem, the patient's preferences et cetera. Materials can range anywhere from porcelain and ceramics to gold, metal alloys and acrylic.

How do bridges work?

Bridges are implanted in cases when a patient is missing one or more teeth. Gaps between teeth overtime cause the remaining teeth to rotate or misalign themselves. This is could also lead to gum disease and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders.

Bridges are cemented to the natural teeth or implants surrounding the empty space. Similar to crowns, bridges also come in a variety of different materials. Your dentist will help you decide which the best material for you is based on your problem, its function, and cost.

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